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Can’t Sleep…

March 24, 2010

What better to do when you can’t sleep then finally update your blog? Nothing, that’s what I say.

I have been in the spring cleaning mood for the last week and I like it. Hopefully, I will get to the mass amounts of stuff on our bedroom floor before the feeling goes away. Two weeks ago we cleaned out our basement, which according to my doctor is what sent my allergies into overdrive and caused me to have difficulty breathing for 24 straight hours, but alas I digress. My doctor – and yes, I would consider this one a legitimate one – recommended that I get a HEPA filter for our bedroom. Apparently, I am more allergic to things than I would like to believe, which I think has ultimately brought on my sudden urge to rid this house of its extra stuff that appears to simply be collecting dust. There I was able to bring that full circle. I feel better.

Now onto the pictures of Larkin, which is really the only reason the 20 of you visit this site on a regular basis. This is from story time yesterday…


This evening Larkin hit up the neighbor’s playhouse – I don’t think she finds our yard that entertaining anymore.

After some fun filled adventures outside, we came in and got ready for bed, but not before Larkin sang Ring Around the Rosy about 30 times. I promise to get it on film the next time. It was hysterical.

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