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Emergency Landings

April 1, 2010


Last night while playing outside with Larkin this plane caught my attention, we live on the flight path for the Port Columbus airport. Typically, the planes don’t normally bother us, except for the occasional “Bye, Bye,” from Larkin. She really likes welcoming people to our neighborhood.

This plane was different, it caught my attention because it (although it doesn’t appear to be the case from this picture) was flying really low and turned into the airport much closer than the normal patterns. However, while uploading this shot to Flickr this morning I found out this is an Air Force cargo plane that was forced to make an emergency landing after discovering a leaking vehicle was on board. You can find the story here.


I was able to meet my new quota of 50 shots yesterday. They are still all over the map. Not one cohesive story yet, but maybe that is more about my writing than my photography. I will keep trying, but in the meantime here are some of my favorites from the day.


And our new garden that will hopefully be magically be filled with dirt today. *wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

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