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Losing Focus

April 28, 2010

I am losing focus with this blog. I have never considered myself to be a writer – as I’m sure you have noticed by this point. I have been taking photographs every day since January 1st and haven’t missed one yet. That has been the easy part. I can take snapshots, but I am trying to be more thoughtful with my photography and I know that I am not there yet. What has been hard is this blog. I would like to take more time telling the story behind each days memory, but that is really proving to be difficult.

So, another goal for myself – similar to the 50 shots a day rule, which by the way I haven’t been the best with thus far – I will try to write down one memory for the week, maybe a Thoughtful Thursday or Simply Thursday. The title needs some work, any suggestions?

Without further ado, Larkin had a big day today. Today, she peed on the potty for the very first time at school. Now, she has been peeing in her little potty here at home for several weeks before her bath at night, but never at school until today. I don’t know when my life filled with pee and poop stories, but that’s what I’ve got at this point. Although this is a big moment for our little girl, what I am most excited about is the small chance that I will no longer have to change buy diapers in the near future. Now that will be a good day.



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