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Best Investment Ever

June 2, 2010

We moved into our house seven years ago this October, hard to believe we have been here this long. Our house was a new build, and we were one of the first houses on our block. Out our back door was nothing but three crappy wooden steps into a barren back yard.

I think it was a year later, after our first summer, Doug and I decided we needed a deck. And I must say with some amazing help from our family and friends we built something amazing!


Without a doubt, this was well worth our investment. We used composite decking material that was way more expensive than standard pressure treated wood, but all we have to do is power wash it every year and it looks almost as good as new.


Now, we made several mistakes along the way, but nothing too major. And we had some amazing help from my uncle, who knows a thing or two about building a proper foundation. The man is scary smart! And, I am pretty positive if our area is ever devastated by a tornado, our deck will still be standing without a scratch on it.


Doug came up with this idea all by himself. We had some left over boards that were not needed for the deck floor so rather than railings all the way around, he added some seating and flower boxes. I have always planted herbs in the box closest to the house, but I was quickly running out of space. This year, I am going to plant some strawberries in the tall corner box, Larkin loves strawberries.


Doug just finished spraying off the deck when I took these this weekend. It never looks this spacious once you add a table and chairs and some benches and people, but this is by far my favorite place in our entire house.


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