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The Beach

August 3, 2010

A few weeks back, Doug, Larkin and I packed up and hit the road for a much needed vacation. We spent the week in Ocean Isle, North Carolina and it was wonderful! Larkin had a ball playing with her cousin Riley and it was nice for us to spend time with family for the week. And although Larkin loved the idea of the beach, she wasn’t really a fan of the water or the sand for most of the time we were there…it still really amuses me.

Here are a few shots from our week.


Boiling hot trip to Margaritaville, don’t mind if we do…


Well, hello there Mr. Blue Eyes.


Doug doing what he does best…


Larkin “reading” to Riley, very entertaining. You know until they started screaming about what book to read.


Magic light up balls that neither child could get enough of while in the beach house. Funny thing, I don’t think Larkin has played with it once since coming home.


The attempt to get all of the great-grand kids in a shot together…it was impossible to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time. But they were all there and they all had a great time.


And the necessary picture to blackmail both children with when they are teenagers. I can’t wait.


And finally, my favorite shot from the entire trip.

To Canvas...

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