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Light Reading

September 23, 2010

Larkin has taken up reading herself to sleep at night. Doug and I have tried to limit the amount of books we read to her prior to bed at night, down from about a million to just two. Larkin has always loved to read and has been more and more into “reading” to herself. For the last week or so, she has requested that she take one book with her into her bed once we finish reading and turn out the lights.

After putting some laundry away the other night I could hear Larkin talking to herself, so I listened at her door. Sure enough, she was reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt out loud to herself. It was cracking me up. She even manages to put the books back on her bookshelf before falling asleep on them, or maybe to cover her tracks so I don’t know just how many books she is reading before bed. But I guess there could be worse habits.


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