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The edge of the world

January 31, 2011

The edge of the world

There is something magical about seeing the sunrise from above the clouds…no matter how dark and stormy things seem below it just wouldn’t be nearly as spectacular without the clouds there…the key is just figuring out how to see the beauty above more often.



January 19, 2011
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Lots of happenings have been going on around here lately and I would like to say that they are to focus more on my photography, but alas they are not. I hope to be able to share more with everyone soon, but in the meantime enjoy some fishey faces from the cutest 2 year old I know.


New Glasses?

January 14, 2011

I ran out quick today with a co-worker so she could pick up her new glasses…and I think I fell in love. I might have to get these!


Thanks for all of the suggestions about my 365 project. I would like to continue with it, however have lots on my plate at the moment and I envision things are about to get even more crazy! So, I plan to switch it up to a Project52 – one picture every week for the next 52 weeks. And hopefully, as Mike said, I can show great pictures rather than something I just snapped when I got home from work. ;o)


January 12, 2011


I don’t lift these, but Doug does…and I have already missed two days this year on my 365 project, thinking about switching it up to a 52 week project. Thoughts?

See Even 2 Year Olds Can Do It

January 9, 2011


Larkin is playing Angry Birds – if you own a smartphone, I would imagine you have already wasted a good deal of your life doing this exact same thing…if you don’t, it’s seriously the best thing you can buy for $1 these days!


Dad, now you have no excuse about not getting an iPhone the next time your blackberry breaks – even 2 year olds can work them.


Go Bucks!

January 4, 2011



January 3, 2011

Jan. 3, 2011

Not the greatest photo, but it’s what I have for today. It was taken with my new iPod Touch – thanks again Mom & Dad! ;o) Doug, Larkin and I ran some quick errands after work today that included dinner via Costco. Larkin loves the $1.50 hot dogs.

P.S. I need to come up with a better way to number this year’s 365. I loved the look of last year’s /365, however up keep on the numbering was a nightmare. Any suggestions are always welcome.